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Tucson 6th Avenue two-way conversion: Sixth Avenue Going Two-Way

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Tucson, Arizona, 6th Avenue two-way conversion underway.

Sun Link tells us the construction delays will continue as the construction downtown  Tucson eases.

The good news is the downtown traffic should get some relief as barricades are being removed and streets finally opening after months of mess. Sixth Avenue will open again as a two-way street relieving the congestion on West University neighborhood side streets.

UPDATE 08/03/2013

After consulting with a few of the people who are actually doing the work; The latest time schedule for 6th Avenue turning into a two-way street is about September 30th, 2013.

There will be improvements to the regular stop lights at 6th Avenue and 6th Street. University blvd. & 6th Avenue will remain a 4-way stop.

UPDATE: 08/16/2013
Residences along 6th Avenue and University Boulevard have received a notice not to park on 6th Avenue on several days late in August for “paving operations” 
It appears the 6th ave conversion will happen by early September.

As a business that is directly effected by this transition, we are totally excited to finally see it happen. 
Much of the traffic on the North/South side roads such as 4th, 5th, and 7th Avenues with be relieved as local residences will be able to access their homes without having to zig-zag through the neighborhood.

Every single day there are at least half a dozen possible accidents with wrong-way drivers. The only reason there has not been a head-on collision is the width of the road allows evasive maneuvers.

Letter from the City of Tucson:

Sixth Avenue is converting two-way

Sixth Avenue is converting two-way

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