Retrospec Bikes Review

Retrospec is an urban bike company that was founded in 2009 by a student at the University of Southern California named Ely Khakshouri. He began building bikes efficiently and cheaply, and gained a large audience for his colorful, aesthetic bikes. Retrospec bikes have been known to demonstrate a stable balance between quality and cost. Retrospec bikes are best for casual, fun riding in urban areas. They have simple, yet strong, qualities. Previously, Retrospec bikes were only equipped with one speed. Now, they could have a wide variety of different speed settings.

            Retrospec bikes are designed using parts from popular, well-known brands. The bike’s steel frame is hand-made, and the parts are welded together by a professional in order to ensure that the quality and durability of the bike lasts and is also comfortable to the rider. The Retrospec company has a testing team that checks the completed products for safety, durability, performance, and strength.

            The Retrospec company hand-picks each part of their bikes. This includes the seat and wheels. The seat is standard but aims to provide support that riders will need to pedal a fixed gear bike. Most components of the Retrospec bikes are replaceable, meaning they can be upgraded or changed by the rider if needed. The Retrospec fixed gear bikes come with a strong and reliable chain. The bikes are also equipped with an integrated seat post and fixie freestyle Velcro straps. The Retrospec company advises all customers to have their bike checked out for any last-minute maintenance issues to ensure safe and smooth riding.

            Retrospec brand fixie bikes are equipped with a flip-flop hub which allows riders to enjoy the fixed gear bike and coast when needed, instead of pedaling constantly which can become a hassle. Riders can flip the wheel and switch to the single gear cog that allows freewheeling. The Retrospec fixed-gear bikes come with front brakes which are made of alloy and the alloy handlebars are lightweight and comfortable. The fixed gear bikes also come with BMX style platform pedals with BMX straps.

These bikes range in price based on the features and different models. The average price for a Retrospec bike is around two-hundred dollars. Depending on the types of features the bike is equipped with, it could be up to five-hundred dollars or possibly even a bit more. Retrospec bikes are both affordable and they hold a reptation for one of the best entry-level riding bikes.

            Retrospec manufacturers assemble their bikes using high-quality materials, keeping them affordable and high performance. These materials often include Kenda wheels, KMC chains, Shimano speeds and drivetrains, and other products from high-quality suppliers. These features help to promote the convenience and reliability of the Retrospec bikes.

            Retrospec has created a variety of models, slowly increasing in quality throughout the years. The 2009 Alpha was the first model designed by Retrospec and has become an industry standard for quality. The 2011 Beta featured a new flip-flop rear wheel hub and the innovative frame design. The 2016 Beaumont was released as a seven-speed bike to compete with other multi-speed bikes. A year later, the 2017 Barron was released with twenty-one speeds and an aluminum alloy frame. The 2019 Omega model was released as a “throwback” bike, featuring the one-speed, aesthetic bike that started it all. The Omega featured new colors and special features to improve quality.

            The Retrospec brand has a wide variety of bike styles and designs to choose from including single-speed bikes, beach cruisers, city bikes, hybrids, and more. Retrospec also has listings of children’s bikes and bike trailers which can be bought separately through Amazon or the Retrospec website. The Retrospec brand also sells a variety of different bike accessories and tools which riders can order and equip to their bike. These factors help riders customize their Retrospec bike their own way and can improve the overall quality of the bike.

Along with regular Retrospec bikes, the Retrospec brand also has several electric bikes for riders to choose from, as well as a variety of other outdoor riding equipment. Retrospec makes longboards, cruisers, skateboards, and protective gear for skaters. They now also make paddle boards adults, children, and even larger group-made paddle boards. There is a wide variety of outdoor and exercise equipment which is made with high-quality designs and sold at reasonable prices by Retrospec.

Retrospec bikes are aesthetic, colorful, and comfortable. Riders are able to choose from a variety of styles, to fit their riding and comfort needs. As well as styles, there are different designs and even electric Retrospec bikes. Riders also have the option to choose from a wide variety of colors for their Retrospec bike, allowing them to match their bike with their own preferences and personalities.

  1. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

The Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike is on Amazon slightly above the average pricing for a Retrospec bike but meeting the high-quality Retrospec standard. The Retrospec bike has one speed and a durable steel frame. The bike also includes a flip-flop hub, freestyle pedals, and two sets of brakes. The Retrospec Harper is also equipped with a coaster brake to help provide smooth stopping power and control. The Harper Coaster is relatively fast on flat-ground and requires a bit of effort for climbing.

The Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Bike has high-quality features including Kenda Kwest wheels, KMC chain, and V-rims. The features of this bike promote a smooth a stable ride. Assembly is made easy with instructions and tools provided for building and maintaining your Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Bike. The unboxing to “road ready” process takes about thirty minutes. A bicycle pump is not included, so one will be needed for inflating the tires when ready. The Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Bike comes in two different sizes and three different colors for customers to choose from when ordering.

  • Retrospec Fixie Style Siddhartha Single Speed Urban Coaster Brake Bike

The Retrospec Fixie Style Siddhartha Single Speed Urban Coaster Brake Bike is another high-quality, single-speed bike found on Amazon. It is within the average price range for an efficient bike, and it also comes in two different sizes and colors, which customers can choose from when ordering. The bike has a retro design and simple functioning features, making it an easy and enjoyable ride for all types of riders. This bike has a strong and durable steel frame, with a leather seat and handlebars to promote comfort for riders.

The Retrospec Fixie Stype Siddhartha Single Speed Urban Coaster Brake Bike is within a reasonable price range for a Retrospec bike, and it is equipped with multiple features that allow smooth and convenient riding. It has an alloy stem, an allow chainwheel 48T crankset, threadless headset, and classic alloy pedals. Customers can choose their favorite style when ordering and assembly is made simple with provided instructions and tools.

  • Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2 Cyclocross Convertible

The Retrospec Bicycles Amok V2 Cyclocross Convertible is a 60cm bike with 700C double-wall rims and Kenda small block wheels. The bike is hand-built and has a welded Chromoly frame. The Retrospec Amok Bike has sealed bearing hubs to decrease rolling resistance and long-term maintenance for riders. It is also equipped with a sealed bottom bracket and an Alloy Crank with a 42T chain ring and a 3/32” chain.

The Retrospec Bicycles Amok V2 Cyclocross Convertible has Kenda Small Block 8 Pro Cyclocross Tires and low-pro pedals. It is within a reasonable price range and comes in a teal color. This bike can handle a wide variety of terrains including city streets and dirt trails. The handlebars are flat and rigid, providing comfort and decreasing pressure put onto the riders’ wrists.

  • Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike

The Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike is a lightweight and durable bike. The bike has a hand-built step-through steel frame and is designed to help increase comfort. The design is meant for an upright riding position which is best for casual riding and exercise. The Retrospec Beaumont has both front and rear linear brakes, which help to further promote safety for riders. It has a retro, aesthetic design with an attachable rear tray included.

The Retrospec Beaumont is equipped with a Shimano seven-speed drivetrain and RevoShift twist shifters to increase speed and control. The bike has high-quality Kenda 700x35C tires with slight grip to provide a smooth ride. The Retrospec Beaumont is delivered 85% built and comes with instructions and tools to make assembly quick and convenient.

The Retrospec company has a 50-day return policy in place for all customers. The bike being returned must be in its original packaging and in good condition. The Retrospec company does not accept any bike returns after the 50-day return period is over. Bikes in used or bad condition are also not accepted in the return policy. When a bike is returned a full refund, minus the shipping cost, is provided. The company’s support team can be reached conveniently through email, if needed.

Retrospect has been in the bike manufacturing and selling industry several years. They offer a one-year warranty for all bikes on the frame and fork for any material and workmanship defects. All the original Retrospec accessories and components come with a sixty-day warranty. Replacing any parts with components that are not original voids the provided warranty, so riders should be careful when changing or upgrading parts on their Retrospec bike.

Retrospec has several dealers, including Amazon. The Retrospec website is interactive and responsive, providing information on Retrospec, their products, and different accessories. The Retrospec website can also help riders find nearby Retrospec dealers, making the shopping experience a bit easier. Even if a rider wants to order their new bike offline, seeing a few bikes in person could help them make an educated decision on the best type of bike to purchase. The Retrospec company has continuously managed to provide durable, high-quality bikes throughout the last several years. Proving not only to customers, but competitors as well, that Retrospec bikes are able to meet high standards while staying within a reasonable price range.

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