Kask Mojito Helmet Review

Kask Mojito Helmet Review

Helmets save lives, there’s no other way around it. In New York City alone, 97% of cyclists who die in a cycling accident are not wearing helmets.

Helmets exist to keep you riding for many, many more years to come. The problem is that most helmets are ugly. With bright colors and bulky, round designs, most helmets aren’t going to win a beauty pageant. 

But if you want to look slick while cruising down the bike lane, consider picking up the Kask Mojito helmet. You’ll have no problems wearing these helmets every day, as they look clean and modern, feature an ultra-comfortable fit system, and allow plenty of air to flow through.

Sound too good to be true? Check out our full Kask Mojito helmet review down below to see how effective this helmet is, so you no longer need to ride without a helmet.

Kask Mojito Helmet Protective Features

The Kask Mojito helmet uses in-mold helmet technology to bind the outer polycarbonate shell to the inner foam lining. The result is a sturdier, more protective helmet that can absorb shocks better than other helmet designs. 

This helmet also features the Kask MIT protective feature. The polycarbonate shell wraps around the entire external surface of the helmet, so none of the foam is directly exposed to impact or damage. 

It prevents cracking of the foam layer, keeping the helmet safe and reliable for longer periods of time. 

The only downside to the Mojito is that it doesn’t include a MIPS liner. MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, is an extra, lightweight liner added to many modern helmets to ease the force of directional impact.

Most high-end helmets for road cyclists and mountain bikers include the option of a MIPS liner. But apparently, in Italy where the helmet is made, they aren’t as concerned with directional force. 

However, the Kask Mojito passes the WG11 test. It also surpassed European safety standards by 48% with its most recent iteration of the Mojito helmet, according to the Kask website. 

The recent Mojito helmet saw improvements in the front, rear, and top portions of the helmet.

You’ll also get Kask Mojito helmet stickers that offer high visibility, even in the poorest of conditions. 

Mojito Fit System

The Mojito uses its Octo Fit System to increase adjustability and fit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. On the rear of the helmet is the adjustment bar, which holds the adjustment dial.

You can move the dial down and up a full two inches, providing a higher range of vertical adjustments than most other helmets. The dial is rubberized, making it easy to grip and adjust with one hand. 

With the Octo Fit, an inner cradle rests against your head to allow for maximum airflow across the surface of the head. The contact points contain gel pads to make it super comfortable. They also oscillate freely, which lets you actually find a comfortable fit for your unique head shape. 

Other Comfort Features

The Kask Mojito road helmet medium size weighs in at just 230 grams. This is an ultralight helmet that packs in almost all the features you need without any excess weight. It’s hard to find a quality helmet any lighter than this, with average helmets weighing closer to 300 grams or more. 

The number of air vents present on the helmet also helps to lower the weight. There are 26 vents on the helmet, allowing for a ton of air to pass through and keep you cool. Even at lower speeds, there is enough air touching your head to help stay cool. 

Premium, Blue Tech helmet padding gives the helmet a luxurious and comfortable feel. The Blue Tech padding wicks sweat away from your head, especially important on the front end that sits on your forehead. 

According to the Kask Mojito helmet sizing chart, the three available sizes will accommodate any head between 50 and 62 cm. 

Aesthetics of the Kask Mojito

Kask is an Italian cycling brand. If you don’t know, the cycling culture in Italy is like a religion. Plus, Italy is known for its keen sense of fashion and fancy things.

So you can be sure that the helmet they are producing is going to look good. And just like expensive Italian clothing, it’s more than the appearance of the helmet that matters. It’s the little details that make up the helmet, that is so thoughtfully designed.

One of these details is the eco-leather chinstrap. The synthetic leather is hypoallergenic, washable, and super comfortable against the skin.

The helmet shell comes in solid colors only, with a surprising number of colors available. You can keep it clean with black, gray, white, or our favorite; matte black.

Or you can add a little flair to your riding ambiance with Sea Ice, Alpine, or Lavender. For maximum visibility and safety, you can pick up the Yellow Fluo or Orange Fluo variations. 

The shape of the helmet is slick and streamlined; not too round, not too narrow. And the branding is minimal, so you don’t have to feel like a moving billboard. The iconic tail gives the shape just enough character to differentiate the helmet, without looking weird. 

The shape and design of the helmet might nook great, but they aren’t designed to be aerodynamic. As a result, those looking to run time trials or get into racing wouldn’t appreciate this helmet, unless they used it solely for social rides. 

Is the Kask Mojito Right for You?

The Kask Mojito helmet can be had for around $200. The price is relatively high, and you expect to get the absolute best features out of a helmet for that much.

While you get a great-looking helmet, you do sacrifice MIPS for added protection, which most helmets in this price range have. If you don’t feel the need to get a MIPS-equipped helmet, and don’t need an aerodynamic design, this helmet looks slick and feels very comfortable on the head.

Plus, it’s extremely light, making it easy to wear for long days in the saddle.

While they are made in Italy, you can usually find a Kask Mojito helmet sale here in the US, or over in Australia, where the brand also has a presence. 

Searching for the Perfect Helmet

The Kask Mojito helmet is designed and made in Italy, where cycling is on another level. The design is gorgeous, and the helmet feels super comfortable. It’s a great choice for those who prioritize aesthetics and low weight over other features.

But it’s not your only option. We’ve put together a guide on finding the best road bike helmet here if you want to discover more great options. 

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