Giro Synthe MIPS Review

giro synthe mips review

If you’re looking for an outstanding road bike helmet, you need to check out our Giro Synthe MIPS review.

In many parts of the country, bicycle commuting is seeing a huge increase. More and more people are choosing active forms of transportation when getting to and from work, and when running local errands.

Thanks to bicycle-friendly communities (BFC), it’s becoming much easier for people in certain cities to ride to work. But even with the increasing network of bicycle trails and multi-use pathways panning across metro areas, most people still have to ride on the road.

When riding alongside traffic, it’s imperative that you have a high-quality helmet. The Giro Synthe MIPS helmet is a comfortable, lightweight, and ultra-protective helmet for road cyclists.

It’s a great choice for casual commuters and long-distance cyclers alike.

So what makes this road bike helmet so great? Keep reading our Giro Synthe MIPS review below to find out now. 

Road Bike Helmet Features

Every type of cycling has its own ideal helmet design. Mountain bikers need helmets that wrap around the sides and back of the head. Downhill mountain bike racers need full-face helmets for ultimate coverage.

Long-distance cyclists and racers need the most aerodynamic models. And casual road cyclists need something in the middle.

If you’re commuting to work, you need a reflective helmet that balances protection, performance, and comfort. A lightweight helmet is important so that it doesn’t weigh you down after long riding days.

Ventilation helps you stay cool, dry, and comfortable. So the more vents, the better.

And the shape of the helmet is critical. Most road bike helmets sport a design that increases aerodynamics.

This means a slimmer design that allows you to cut through the air more efficiently than bulky mountain bike helmets. It gives you the coverage you need, leaving out the coverage you don’t since you aren’t taking the same risks as mountain bikers.

So does the Giry Synthe MIPS check all the boxes of a quilt road biking helmet?

Giro Synthe MIPS Review

The Giro Synthe MIPS helmet is the one-stop-shop for most road cyclists. It offers the perfect balance between protection, comfort, and performance.

And it also sports convenient features like rubberized sunglass holders in the front air vents.

Giro Synthe MIPS Protection Features

The Giro Synthe MIPS helmet proudly features a MIPS liner. MIPS technology has become standard in high-quality helmets.

It helps to distribute the force of impact across the helmet, reducing the risk of injuries at certain angles. Since most crashes result in angled impacts, as opposed to straight-on impacts, MIPS is necessary for cyclists.

Most road bike helmets offer the bare minimum as far as protection goes, covering only the top of the head. But the Giro Synthe adds just a little bit more, as the rear of the helmet sits a little bit lower than other helmets in this category.

It also features roll cage reinforcement. This lightweight layer goes unnoticed and is molded into the EPS foam liner. This layer keeps the foam together under the force of impact. 

Giro Synthe Comfort Features

The helmet uses a Roc Loc 5 Air fit system. This patented design cradles the head and suspends the helmet just slightly above the head, to allow incoming air to reach the entire head. This provides maximum cooling power, even on the warmest days. 

It features a dial on the back of the helmet, so you can adjust for the size of your head, or to increase or decrease tension. The dial is easy enough to use while riding and while wearing gloves.

It can accommodate a wide variety of head shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find your fit with this helmet. 

The air gap provided by the fit system works in tandem with the strategically placed air vents. The wind tunnel air vent design and internal channeling make this one of the breeziest helmets around.

Giro Synthe Performance Features

The goal of the Giro Synthe MIPS helmet is to create a performance-minded helmet that is extremely comfortable. Normally, helmets that prioritize aerodynamics for greater speed and efficiency mean fewer air vents and lower airflow. They are also heavier.

But the Giro Synthe balances this by adding some aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the cooling effect and lightweight. It’s not the most aerodynamic helmet, by any means, but you get a semi-aerodynamic shape without sacrificing airflow.

So the helmet isn’t designed for racing or ultra-endurance riding, but it’s great for commuting, training, and recreational riding. 

Giro Synthe MIPS Specifications

The Giro Synthe is one of the lightest road bike helmets you can get. The medium size helmet weighs 268 grams while the large is just 312 grams. 

Since this is a MIPS helmet, it includes a MIPS liner. Most quality helmets feature a MIPS liner, but some are still made without it. The MIPS liner only adds about 30 grams to the helmet’s overall weight, making the tradeoff highly worth it. 

The helmet strap uses an adjustable Y-buckle. These wrap around the ear and allow for easy adjustment of the front and rear tension. 

The helmet looks modern and sleek, and comes in four different colorways, but is primarily white and black. 

The Giro Synthe helmet meets the US CPSC safety standards for adult cyclists. 

Is the Giro Synthe MIPS Right for You?

The Giro Synthe MIPS helmet isn’t the cheapest performance helmet on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either. It really is the perfect middle ground for those looking for solid protection and maximum comfort while allowing for some aerodynamics.

This helmet is great for casual cyclists who don’t race or ride excessively long distances. It priorities airflow and low-weight ratings, at the expense of more aerodynamics. 

For the commuter or recreational road and trail cyclist, this helmet gives you what you need, in a lightweight, slick-looking package. 

Finding the Perfect Fit

If you want to buy a single good-looking helmet that you can use for all of your road cycling needs, the Giro Synthe MIPS is a great option. A middle-of-the-road price tag and balanced features make it a choice that few will complain about.

But if you aren’t sold yet, you can check out our list of the best helmets for every kind of cyclist here. 

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