Giro Foray Mips Helmet Review

giro forway mips helmet review

Looking to spend more time outside, getting fresh air, sunshine, and exercise? Cycling is the perfect way to spend more time outdoors while having a blast.

And the health benefits of regular cycling are undeniable, supporting a healthy body and mind. 

But in order for cycling to be healthy, you need to stay safe while you peddle. You should never ride without a helmet, even if you stay off the roads. 

The reason most people skip the helmet is that they don’t have one that looks and feels good. But with the Giro Foray MIPS helmet, you get a helmet that feels great on your head, offers reliable protection, and looks clean and modern.

Plus, it comes with a budget-friendly price tag. No need to spend an arm and a leg on a helmet.

So what makes the Giro Foray MIPS road helmet worth buying? Read our Giro Foray MIPS road bike helmet review down below to find out now. 

Why You Need a Helmet You Can Trust

The number of cyclists in the country is growing every year. In fact, in 2020, with the country shut down, millions rediscovered cycling as a way to stay sane during the lockdown. You couldn’t find a bicycle for sale across the nation, as they were all bought up. 

But the problem with lots of cyclists on the road is that most of them don’t wear helmets. Only 38% of adults who ride bikes wear a helmet on a regular basis. 

But the stats don’t lie. The majority of those injured on a bike each year aren’t wearing helmets. If you want to avoid becoming a statistic, there’s no reason to skip the helmet.

When you spend a little extra to buy a high-quality helmet, wearing it isn’t a burden. Different types of cycling helmets can be lightweight, comfortable, and allow for maximum airflow to avoid excessive sweat. 

And with sleek designs and modern colorways, you won’t look silly riding down the trail. 

So is the Giro Foray MIPS cycling helmet worth the purchase, to keep that noggin of yours cozy and safe? Here’s why we love it. 

Giro Foray Mips Protection

In 2021, you shouldn’t be buying a helmet that doesn’t feature a MIPS liner. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It’s this thin layer in the helmet that helps distribute the force from angled impacts, preventing that force from going straight to the brain.

Considering that most cycling impacts result in an angled collision, MIPS is a must-have for any cyclist. And the Giro Foray MIPS helmet obviously comes with this important feature. 

It also sports an in-mold design. The outer shell of the helmet is bonded to the protective foam layer. This process creates a sturdier, more protective helmet. It also allows for larger air vents in the shell. 

Comfort and Performance Features of the Giro Foray Mips Helmet

The Foray helmet is modeled after Giro’s Synthe helmet, which is a bit more expensive but has won plenty of awards as a road cycling helmet. The Foray features a Roc Loc 5 retention system, which is similar to the system in the Synthe helmet.

The system allows the helmet to float above the heat in the rear, letting air glide across your head for maximum cooling and minimal sweat. But unlike more expensive helmets, the front of the helmet sits directly against the head, limiting airflow upfront. 

It also makes the helmet a little less adjustable, unable to accommodate as many different head shapes and sizes as a full headband system. 

The 21 air vents around the helmet allow for a fair amount of air into the helmet, though other road helmets offer even more vents. 

You can use the rear-adjustment dial to quickly and easily move the helmet up and down and adjust the tension.

The shape of the helmet is also modeled after the Giro Synthe and sports a reasonably aerodynamic design. Neither helmet focuses on aerodynamics, since affordability, low weight, and comfort, are the bigger priority. But the design allows for as much aerodynamics as possible without sacrifices. 

The Giro Foray features the same Y-strap system that other, more expensive Giro helmets have. You can adjust the ear straps so that they sit just below, or farther below your ear. The straps, buckle placement, and tension is all easily adjustable. 

Giro Foray Weight

The Foray helmet is available in small, medium, and large. The Giro Foray MIPS helmet large weighs 312 grams, while the medium-sized helmet weighs just under 300 grams.

It’s one of the lightest helmets available in the performance, road cycling category. 

You can spend a few fewer dollars and get the version of the helmet without a MIPS liner. Doing so lightens the helmet by about 20 grams, but also reduces the amount of protection you get. It’s not worth the weight and dollar savings, considering both are minuscule while the added protection is much more pronounced. 

Giro Foray MIPS Helmet 2021 Price

The best part of the Foray helmet is the fact that you can pick one up in 2021 for less than $100. This helmet packs in a ton of modern features that you see on high-end helmets, but keeps the price low.

Many casual cyclists can’t justify spending more than $100 on a helmet, But spending too little means you are getting a tacky, outdated-looking helmet that might lack basic features like MIPS technology.

With a price tag of around $85, this should be one of the first helmets you consider. If you ride your bike just a few times per month, the price is worth the protection you are getting. 

Who Should Buy the Giro Foray MIPS Helmet?

So is this the helmet for you? If you’re a new cyclist, or only ride casually, and can’t justify buying an expensive helmet, then the Foray MIPS helmet is a solid choice.

It’s economical but offers the right amount of protection, including a MIPS layer while looking sleek and maintaining maximum comfort.

For those who ride daily, ride long distances, or want to get into racing, other helmet designs are available that offer greater levels of aerodynamics and adjustability. 

The Best Road Bike Helmet for You

The Giro Foray Mips helmet is a popular choice in the low-to-mid-price category for road bike helmets. You can spend a lot more, but you probably shouldn’t spend much less on a helmet. 

Of course, there are other great options for the road cyclist. For help finding the absolute best road cycling helmet for your needs, check out our guide here.

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