Fox Proframe Helmet Review

fox proframe helmet

Fox is one of the original mountain bike brands and produces some of the most reliable riding gear available. But are their helmets up to snuff? Should you consider Fox Proframe helmets for all your trail riding needs? Read our Fox Proframe helmet reviews down below to see if it’s right for you. 

While mountain bikers take risks every single day, they don’t face the same risks that road cyclists face. Those who share the road with cars face much higher chances of injury and even death, especially if they aren’t wearing a helmet.

But mountain bikers have it relatively easy. Instead of cars, they just need to deal with huge jumps, overhanging tree branches, narrow bridges, tree roots, boulders, and other obstacles while riding at ridiculously fast speeds.  

Unlike their road biking cousins, mountain bikers wouldn’t dare hit up the local trails without quality head protection. 

There are different types of helmets available for mountain bikers. Those wanting the most protection seek a full-face helmet like the Fox Proframe helmet. 

What Makes a Solid Mountain Bike Helmet?

What features should you be looking for in a mountain bike helmet? First off, decide on the type of helmet you need.

Those riding on downhill courses with big drops, frequent jumps, and high speeds, as well as racers, should use a full-face helmet. But for those riding standard mountain bike trails, where technical features and jumps are less common, an enduro-style helmet, that protects the back and size, but not the face, is all you need.

Many riders opt for a convertible helmet where the chin bar is removable, allowing you to buy one helmet and use it for different styles of riding.

MIPS technology provides maximum protection by preventing injuries due to angled impacts. And ample ventilation is necessary to keep your head cool, dry sweat, and stay comfortable during long days in the saddle. Let’s see how the Fox Proframe helmet stands up to the test.

Fox Proframe Helmet Protection 

The Proframe helmet from Fox is intended for mountain bike racers who need lightweight, yet full-face protection. The helmet is not convertible, as both the chinstrap and visor are fixed in place. 

But since the chinstrap can’t be removed, it’s more durable and can absorb impact greater than other helmets can.

It comes equipped with dual-density Varizorb EPS foam to help broadly distribute the force of impact. It also sports a MIPS layer to help disperse rotational energy, which is foundational to any mountain bike helmet. MIPS prevents all the force of impact from making its way to the skull, by dispersing it throughout the helmet instead. 

The shell is made with polycarbonate which fuses the outer material to the inner foam layer to provide maximum protection without unnecessary weight. 

Thanks to the level of protection provided by the Proframe helmet, it has earned ASTM certification, making it a legal helmet to use for downhill racing. 

Fox Proframe Helmet Ventilation

When it comes to full-face helmets, ventilation is very important. Luckily, the Proframe helmet comes with 15 intake bores in the front of the helmet with 9 additional exhaust vents to allow heat to move out of the helmet.

The result? A cool and comfortable riding experience, even on the hottest and longest days. 

The fixed chinstrap also allows for ample ventilation, and getting a water bottle or snack to your mouth is easy to do. You won’t feel the need to constantly remove this helmet. 

Comfort and Adjustability

The Fox Proframe helmet weighs only 750 grams, less than two pounds. The lightweight makes up for the lack of convertibility, as you won’t experience a sore neck from wearing this helmet all day long.

The helmet also allows for a customized fit. Everyone’s head is shaped differently, so helmets should adapt to head shapes and sizes for the most comfort and protection.

The Proframe helmet is lined with adjustable pads. It helps to take time to move pads around and adjust the thickness of the pads to ensure the most comfortable fit. 

The visor of the helmet is fixed at an angle that allows for maximum airflow and blocks sunlight and rain from getting into your eyes. And the helmet can be removed with ease thanks to the Magnetic Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle.

Wearing gloves? Not a problem. Cold fingers? It’s still easy to release the bucket and remove your helmet in a flash. 

Who Is the Proframe Helmet Best For?

So is this the mountain bike helmet for you? Because it’s is a full-face, fixed helmet without a removable chin bar, the helmet is best for those who spend most or all of their time on downhill courses and at mountain bike parks.

And because it’s certified as a downhill racing helmet, it’s a great helmet for racers, as it provides maximum protection without maximum weight. 

The lightweight and ample ventilation make the Proframe helmet comfortable for long riding days. So even for those who only spend half their day riding downhill, and spend the other half riding enduro, it’s still a good choice.

Those who ride on more casual trails don’t often complain about the extra weight.

But if you don’t do much downhill riding, aren’t interested in racing, and only occasionally need a full-face helmet, you’d be better off with a convertible helmet. Convertible helmets aren’t always downhill certified. 

But for the enduro rider who just likes to dip their toes in the world of downhill riding, a convertible mountain bike helmet is a more practical option, since you get two different helmets for one price. 

With a removable chin bar, you can get maximum airflow and lower weight for those stretches of your ride that aren’t technically demanding. Some convertible helmets allow for chin bar removal without tools, making it easy to swap back and forth during a day of riding. 

Finding the Perfect Helmet

The Fox Proframe helmet is a popular choice for diehard mountain bike racers and those who push the limits on downhill courses and at bike parks. It’s lightweight and airy, so it’s perfect for the longest days of riding.

If you need a full-face helmet, the Proframe is one of the best options for you. But if you need to compare it to some other great mountain bike helmets, you can check out our guide here

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