Best Folding Electric Bikes for 2023

If you’ve been considering a folding electric bike, then you’ve come to the right place! In our review of the best folding electric bikes for 2021 we’ll walk you through the advantages of owning one, what makes some of these bikes better than others and the best model for your situation.

Folding electric bikes have been growing in popularity throughout the past few years and have become the go-to option for cyclists who use alternative transportation, such as cycling tourists and commuters. Folding electric bikes combine power and convenience for riders, which makes them perfect for commuters who need relaxing, sweat-free rides.

One of the best parts about folding electric bikes is that they can be great for a variety of situations. If you’re living in an apartment, or you don’t have much space to store a bike, folding electric bikes can eliminate that issue. Commuting is also much simpler with the ability to fold up your bike on busses or trains. There are many manufacturers working to create the best-of-the-line electric bikes, and there’s a lot to choose from when you’re deciding on the best option for your new folding electric bike.

Folding electric bikes combine power and convenience for riders, which makes them perfect for commuters who need relaxing, sweat-free rides.

            It’s important to choose an electric bike that can hold a charge throughout your commuting,  keep up with traffic, and take on climbing. Folding electric bikes with larger batteries and higher torque ratings are typically more affordable, and they provide a smooth ride as well as dependable power. The majority of folding e-bikes use hub motors, which come with a few advantages, compared to the mid-drive motors that are seen on other e-bikes. Hub motors are being utilized much more on folding electric bikes due to the fact that they’re smaller and lightweight. Hub motors can be found on both the front and the back of the bike, but having hub motors on the front can slightly impact the bikes stability and handling.

            Most electric bikes are powered by 250 to 350-watt motors, most motors also have a higher peak wattage that they can hit for brief periods of time. Watts alone don’t determine how fast or reliable an electric bike will be, though. Torque is just as important, and ultimately tells you how much power a motor will provide. A motor with higher torque can accelerate at quicker speeds and it feels more powerful. Most folding electric bikes will cut off extra assistance around 20mph, which was a limit put into place for safety on streets and bike trails. Keep in mind that bikes with more power also require more energy. When you’re looking at battery power, you’ll want to pay close attention to watt-hours, or “Wh”; the bigger the watt-hours are, the more energy it holds.

There can be a big difference in motor strength and battery life, as well as the time that it takes for batteries to reach a full charge. Depending on how you plan on using the bike, and how often, these are important factors to take into consideration. When you see the terms “mid-drive” and “hub-drive”, it’s important to know what those terms are referring to. Mid-drive is used on mid to high-end bikes. The torque on mid-drive bikes are typically smoother, and the weight reduction is much more balanced. Hub-drive bikes are cheaper for manufacturers to make, but they can be a bit harder to balance due to the mass of the bike.

            There are also different bike classes for eBikes, including classes one through three. Class one includes pedal-assist only, with no throttle. The maximum speed on class one ebikes is usually around 20MPH. Class two ebikes are throttle-assisted and typically reach around 20MPH. Class three ebikes are pedal-assist, and they don’t include a throttle, but they can reach speeds of up to 28MPH.

            While shopping for a new folding electric bike, wheel size is something that should always be taken into consideration. This will help you determine what size the bike will be when it’s folded, and also what type of terrain it’ll be best for. The majority of folding electric bikes use 20-inch wheels, so they’re able to be folded down into a relatively compact size. If you’re aiming for an even smaller bike, 16-inch wheel options are also available on some bikes. There are also folding electric bikes available with 700c road wheels equipped. These wheels provide a smooth and stable ride, as the wheels are larger and able to roll over obstacles much more easily. These bigger wheels come with the disadvantage of making the folding bike much less compact, but they can be great for those who want the feeling of a standard bike. Folding electric bikes come in a variety of prices, anywhere from as little as $750 up to $5,000, or even more. The components and quality of the bike also vary, so it’s best to pick an electric bike that is suitable for both your riding needs and your budget.

The tires used on foldable electric bikes were originally skinnier tires on small diameter wheels. These wheels are still utilized on many models seen today, but there are also models that use chunkier bike tires. The fat bike tires allow riders to ride on a variety of terrains with ease, as opposed to the skinner tires which are best for city riding and paved areas. Typically, fat bike tires are 20-inches in diameter and 3 to 4-inches wide, which provides a convenient and more comfortable riding experience. Skinnier tires are usually smoother and faster, but best for paved roads. Skinny tires also gain more mileage due to the decreased amount of friction while riding.

VIVI Folding Electric Bike:

The Vivi folding electric bike can be rode as a regular bike, an e-bike, or an assisted bike. This electric bike is equipped with a 350W motor and a 36V, 8Ah Lithium-Ion battery. The bike has 26-inch wheels, Shimano 21-speed gears, and a dashboard power display. The bike also features a removable, waterproof battery bag, an LED headlight, and a comfortable, high-quality seat. The dual disc brakes and the high steel suspension fork help to provide riders with a comfortable and effective commute.

Gyroor C3 Electric Folding Bike:

            The Gyroor C3 electric folding bike is great for commuting and city riding. It is equipped with a 450W motor and a 10Ah battery. The Gyroor electric folding bike has 14-inch air-filled tires and dual braking. This electric folding bike can be rode in three different modes, with either full power, assistance, or as a regular bike. The Gyroor’s geometric frame and unique components provide a powerful and durable commute for all riders.

Vincfer Electric Folding Bike

            The Vincfer electric folding bike is a top pick on this list due to the high-quality durability, strength, and overall performance. This bike has a 500W high-speed brushless motor and a 48V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery, with a torque of 62NM. It has strong climbing power and can reach speeds of up to 28MPH. The Vincfer electric bike is also equipped with a Shimano 7-speed transmission and mechanical disc brakes. The fat tires promote control and stability, while the headlight helps riders stay safe in lower light conditions.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike:

            The ANCHEER folding electric bike has some of the best value options available for both 12-inch and 14-inch air-filled tires, which provide smooth riding throughout any commute. This electric bike has a 350W brushless gear motor, a 6Ah lithium battery, and it can reach up to 20MPH. The bike is also equipped with front and rear disc brakes and PXS waterproof range, which means there’s no need to worry when you’re riding in the rain. The ANCHEER folding electric bike takes less than three hours to charge and it features a BMS smart battery management system with voltage measurements, SOC calculations, and other components to protect and stabilize the battery.

Hiboy P10 Folding Electric Bike:

            Due to the high-ratings, another mentionable “best value” bike is the Hiboy P10 folding electric bike. This bike includes three riding modes, ebike, pedal assist, and regular bike mode. It is equipped with a 350W brushless hub motor and a high-capacity 36V Lithium-Ion battery. The Hiboy electric bike can reach speeds around 15.5MPH and travel range is between fifteen to twenty miles, depending on riding mode and conditions. The 12-inch rubber wheels are strong and durable, along with the rest of the bike’s frame. This bike is within a great budget and is also great for those who need something more compact and affordable than other folding electric bikes.

Sailnovo Folding Electric Bike:

            The Sailnovo folding electric bike is best for night riding and features a powerful 350W motor which can reach speeds of up to 18MPH. The bike has 14-inch wheels, dual disc brakes on the front and rear of the bike, and a 10.4Ah battery. The Sailnovo electric bike is also equipped with LED headlights and taillights which help to provide riders with extra visibility and safety in darker conditions. Charging time for this e-bike takes around five to six hours, and with a fully-charged battery, it can offer 25-30 miles of travel with either partial or full riding assistance.

KGK Folding Electric Bike:

            The KGK folding electric bike is a great option for all riders, but there are a few features that make it one of the top choices for female rider’s. This electric bike has 20-inch tires and a front suspension fork which provides smooth and stable riding. This makes it a great choice for casual riding and commutes, and even gentler off-road terrains. It can be ridden in three different modes, including full electric mode, pedal assist mode, and as a regular bike. This electric bike is equipped with a 350W geared hub motor, with a torque of 44 KM and speeds of up to 20MPH. The KGK e-bike also features a comfortable, adjustable seat and a rear storage rack.

Angotrade Folding Electric Bike:

            The Angotrade folding electric bike is a great option for male riders due to the taller design and 26-inch wheels. This electric bike has a power of 250W with a 36V brushless hub motor, a torque of 50 KM, and front and rear disc brakes. This bike uses an 8Ah battery and can reach speeds of up to 22MPH. The bike’s display features an LED three-mode smart meter button, which allows riders to switch between different riding modes. It is also equipped with a 21-speed gear, which allows riders to take on off-road terrains with ease. Depending on the riding mode, rider’s can travel anywhere from twenty to forty miles in either full electric or assist mode!

Jetson Folding Electric Bike:

            The Jetson folding electric bike is one of the better portable options for riders. The Jetson electric bike is lightweight and portable with a convenient carrying handle. This bike has a 250W motor and a 5.2 Ah Lithium-Ion battery. It can travel up to seventeen miles, around 15MPH, on a single battery charge. The Jetson folding electric bike is great for its overall price and convenient, sturdy features. The Jetson’s twist throttle provides easy riding and the seat is adjustable to fit a variety of height and comfort needs!

Speedrid Foldable Electric Bike:

            The Speedrid foldable electric bike requires a higher budget, but it stands out for a variety of reasons. Not only does the Speedrid brand have great reviews, but their electric folding bike uses high-quality components to provide the best overall riding experience. This bike has a powerful 500W high-speed brushless gear motor and a 36V, 12.5Ah lithium battery. The battery is removable and can provide six to eight hours of riding on a full-charge. It has a 6-speed transmission system for controlled riding, and three different levels of pedal assistance. The tires are fat e-bike wheels, which make this an amazing option for riding in sand, snow, or off-road terrains; as well as city commuting. The tires are 20-inches by 4-inches, and there are front and rear disc brakes to provide smooth stopping power. Headlights and taillights are equipped to promote safety in lower light levels and the bike also comes with an LCD display screen!

            Folding electric bikes combine the ease of assisted riding and convenience of portability. These bikes are great for city riders and those who enjoy commuting to work and other daily activities. Folding electric bikes come in a wide range of prices, and quality of components. Most of the bikes on the list above range from $600 to $800, but there are some better value bikes that are still a great quality for the lower price!

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