Best Cheap Road Bikes for the Budget Cyclist

Road bikes have been designed to take riders on fast, long-distance rides. Road bikes, as stated in the name, are meant for riding on the road and other paved terrains. Other than material and quality upgrades, road bikes have stayed similar in style throughout the past few decades. There are different subtypes of road bikes, which have been designed with various updated components and updates over the years.

Aero road bikes have been designed and used to cut down on wind resistance by using more aerodynamically shaped tubing and materials. Aero road bikes tend to look like “racing” type road bikes but are designed to resist the wind much better. They’re somewhat faster than normal racing bikes and sometimes even more preferred by racers. Most aero road bikes’ frames are made of carbon fiber, which is lightweight and durable. Due to the additional materials used on aero road bikes, they’re not the best for steep climbs because they can weigh a bit more overall.

Bikepacking bikes are designed and accessorized to help riders carry gear while riding, typically in cases of camping areas or paved biking trails. The wheels, frame, gearing, and most other features on the bike, are focused on control and stability for riders with gear. The frame materials are commonly durable and long-lasting, wheels on Bikepacking bikes are usually also equipped with more spokes to handle the extra weight. The bikes typically have wider tires which provide a bit of off-road grip and gearing to make moving and climbing easier for riders. Racks and frame mounts are also used often for extra storage and stability.

Commuter road bikes are good for riders who ride to work, school, or on other errands/activities. Commuter road bikes are durable and able to withstand weather and other elements, like gravel terrains. Riders often equip extra storage accessories to their commuter bikes in order to carry more, but this isn’t necessary. Riders can also choose to update features on the bike, such as the wheels or seat, to increase performance and comfort.

Cyclocross bikes are used for off-season riding, when racers navigate short off-road courses on a variety of terrains. The terrains include pavement, dirt, sand, and sometimes mud; obstacles are also included on occasion. These bikes are built with wider frames to accommodate wider tires for the terrains and obstacles. The wheels are commonly a “knobby” design to handle the tracks. A smaller gear range is typically used, and disc and rim brakes are used to provide riders with strong, controlled stopping power. Cross bikes typically have aggressive geometry and feature setups due to being built for racing. These bikes are great for a number of terrains and a wide variety of other riding styling including bikepacking, commuting, gravel, and adventure riding.

            Dual-Sport bikes are hybrid style bikes for riders who want to do more than they would with a regular hybrid bike. Dual-Sport bikes allow riders to rider slightly faster and more aggressively if they choose to. These bikes feature basic components that are similar to those of a hybrid bike, but they’re set up to allow dual-purpose riding. They have flat handlebars and a smaller road bike style seat as opposed to a larger style “comfort” seat. Many of the Dual-Sport bikes use front suspension to absorb any off-road bumps and rougher terrains.

Endurance road bikes, also known as Sportive road bikes, are designed to allow more comfort during long-distance rides. The design of Endurance bikes resembles racing bikes, but they are designed with a more upright geometry to enhance comfort in the long run. They have forks and seat stays which allow for wider wheels on the bike. Disc brakes are commonly used on Endurance bikes to provide smooth stopping power in all conditions.

Electronic road bikes have an electric motor which powers the bike to assist with pedaling. Most electric road bikes are equipped with motors that are capable of producing a minimum of two-hundred watts of power each hour. These bikes are mostly intended for providing an extra boost when riders reach tougher riding spots, such as climbing.

Hybrid road bikes are a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. Hybrid bikes share the features of both mountain and road bikes but typically resemble road bikes more. They have lightweight frames, commonly made of aluminum materials, and a more upright geometry design. These bikes feature flat, higher-up handlebars and larger “comfort” seats. Hybrid bikes usually have slightly wider wheels than normal road bikes and often have mounts for fenders and racks. Brakes used on Hybrid road bikes are typically cantilever or mechanical disc brakes.

Traditional road bike frames use a shorter seat and flat top-tube, but compact geometry has become more common in the past few years. Road bikes using a compact geometry style have a sloping top tube to make a lightweight, smaller frame and help to improve the stand over height. Road bike frames are usually made from aluminum or carbon materials, steel and titanium material have been used more in niche model road bikes. It’s especially important that buyers select the right size and shape frame for themselves and the type of riding they’ll be doing with their road bike.

Cheaper model road bikes may use a combination of carbon and aluminum for the forks, they may also use aluminum only, or steel. The forks used on more expensive road bikes are typically made from carbon. Road bicycle forks and frames are usually designed as an all-in-one system, which is often referred to as a ‘frameset’.

            The wheels on road bikes tend to have less spokes and lighter rims, due to the smoother terrains they’re designed for. Aerodynamics are important for a road bike, meaning the rims are sometimes deeper, referring to the height of the rim cross-section. Originally, road bike rims were very narrow, but in the past few years they’ve been designed wider to increase aerodynamics. The wider rims also increase wheel volume to provide a smooth ride and fewer flat tires.

            Road bike wheels are skinny, but still provide comfort and control for riders. The 22mm is a commonly used width for race-focused bikes, more endurance-oriented bikes tend to come with 28mm or 30mm sized wheels. In the past, 23mm were popular among riders and some even went as narrow as 18mm. To decrease rolling resistance, road wheels typically have a slick or near-slick tread and run at higher pressures.

Road bikes are typically equipped with two chainrings. Most bikes come with ‘compact’ 50/34t cranks; some also use ‘semi-compact’ 52/36t crank gearings. The traditional ‘standard double’ design used 53/39t gearings, but that has become less common for road bikes.

Triple chain sets, using three chainrings, are still fitted to some cheaper road bikes and give rides a lot of range. Triple chain sets have become less common and simpler compact designs have taken over. Due to the growing popularity of adventure and gravel bikes, there are now a variety of ‘super-compact’ crank options, with lower ratio gearings such as 46/30t and 48/31t.

Another option for riders to choose from is a bike crank with a single chainring. These are less common on road bikes, but they are a bit more useful than they used to be thanks to wider range cassettes offered by manufacturers. Cranks also come in a variety of different lengths to accommodate differences in rider’s height and leg lengths.

Road bikes tend to use gears that are packed together more tightly, which helps riders pedal at an ideal speed during their ride. Mid-range to high-end road bikes usually have 11 or 12 speeds equipped, while cheaper ones have lower speed ranges. Derailleurs are responsible for gear changes, pushing the chain across the sprockets from one chainring to the other. Most road bikes use front and rear derailleurs.

Road bikes are usually equipped with drop handlebars which provide a variety of positions for the rider. The hoods used are typically brake lever covers which give riders a comfortable position and good leverage. Road bikes also have a variety of bar widths and shapes for riders to choose from. They also tend to have rim brakes, which are dual-pivot calipers that clamp the wheel rims. Some also use disc brakes which grab the disc rotors mounted on the hubs.

EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

            The EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike is a 700C bike equipped with 21 speeds and dual disc brakes. The bike uses rigid suspension and a durable steel frame. It also comes in a variety of different sizes and styles which riders can choose from according to their needs. There are three spoke wheel options available along with regular spoked road bikes as well.

            The EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike comes 85% assembled, making the box to ready-to-ride process quick and convenient. The EURXC500 Road Bike is a good quality for the price and durable for long distance rides on smooth to mild terrains.

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

            The Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike is a lightweight bike with rear and front suspension to give riders a quick, smooth ride while out on the roads. The bike comes with 700C double-walled alloy wheels and a durable 6061 aluminum frame. The 21-speeds and Shimano shifters, gear shifting is smooth and simple. Front and rear derailleurs are also equipped on the bike. The Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike uses alloy calipers to ensure controlled stopping power for riders. Assembly requires basic tools but is a relatively quick process and riders can tune the bike based on how they ride.

Trinx TEMPO 1.0 700C Road Bike

            The Trinx TEMPO 1.0 700C Road Bike is a high-quality bike at an affordable, and reasonable, price.  It has a hydroformed aluminum alloy frame with a Hi-Ten steel fork. The bike has 21-speeds and is equipped with a Shimano A050 shifter. The bike also has front and rear derailleurs and a Shimano cassette.

            The Trinx TEMPO 1.0 Road Bike wheels are 700Cx25C with double wall rims. The equipped Winzip alloy brakes provide strong and controlled stopping power for riders. It comes in two different sizes and colors for riders to choose from when ordering. The bike has a net weight of twenty-five pounds and is easy to assemble with basic tools.

Hiland Road Bike 700c Racing Bike with 14 Speeds Drivetrain

            The Hiland Road Bike 700C Racing Bike has an aluminum frame with caliper brakes and a rigid suspension. The aluminum alloy frame is strong and durable, topped with paint that gives the bike a high-quality look. This road bike can be used comfortably on city streets and the wheels give riders high speed on the smooth terrains. The double caliper brakes provide strong stopping power, and the 14-speed shifters help riders shift gears smoothly.

 The Hiland Road Bike 700C Racing Bike is delivered 85% assembled and the remaining assembly is made simple with tools and instructions included in the packaging. When ordering, riders can choose from two different colors based on the design they prefer. There are also different size options, so riders should check their sizes before ordering to assure the correctly sized bike for a comfortable riding experience.

YH-XC550 Road Bike for Men

            The YH-XC550 Road Bike for Men is a lightweight bike with a carbon steel frame and front suspension. It can be used for comfortable and smooth riding on city streets and smooth terrains. The 700C wheels help to give riders speed while the 21-speed shifter ensures control and easy gear changes for riders. The brake system on the YH-XC550 Road Bike is made up of both front and rear mechanical disc brakes. This braking system provides speed control and an exceptionally strong stopping power.

The Yh-XC550 comes in two different styles, both 30cm and 60cm rims, which riders can choose from when ordering. The bike also comes in different sizes, so riders should be sure of the correct size before ordering. It has a comfortable seat and handlebars, and assembly is made easy with provided tools and instructions.

Max4out Road Bike

            The Max4out Road Bike has a durable aluminum frame and rear suspension. The aluminum alloy frame was designed with endurance geometry for strength and durability. The bike design, seat, and handlebars help to promote comfort for all-day riding. The mechanical disc brakes provide smooth and controlled stopping-power. The bike is equipped with fourteen speeds and a Shimano shifter, making gear changes easy for riders throughout their ride. The 700C wheels give riders a high-speed experience on city streets and other smooth terrains.

 The Max4out Road Bike provides riders with a safe and quick way to commute. The design and positioning of the front and rear gears can be easily adjusted by using the gear shifters placed on the handlebars. The bike comes in two different colors which riders can choose from according to their favorite style. Assembly is a simple process which typically takes around fifteen to twenty minutes, meaning riders don’t have much to do before they’re ready to ride!

Takara Oni Single Speed Drop Bar Fixie Road Bike

            The Takara Oni Single Speed Drop Bar Fixie Road Bike is for riders who enjoy simple and practical riding. It comes in two sizes for riders to choose from based on what they need, and it has a classic silver design. This bike is good for commuting and street riding. The frame is durable steel with a fork to promote control. Drop bars on the bike allow riders to ride in different positions in order to stay comfortable throughout their ride.

The Takara Oni Single Speed Drop Bar Fixie Road Bike is equipped with a flip-flop rear hub which can be used for fixed or freewheel pedaling. It also has double alloy rims and 700Cx28mm wheels. The single pivot alloy brakes keep riders steady and controlled while braking. The Takara Oni Single Speed Road Bike is a great started road bike, affordable, and assembly is easy with provided instructions.

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike with STI Integrated Shifters

            The Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike is a lightweight bike with a strong and durable aluminum frame. The Vilano Shadow is at the higher-end range of road bikes, but worth the price. The bike has a variety of features, including an STI Integrated Brake Lever/Shifter, which gives riders comfortable shifting and braking with a single unit. This makes riding easier and much more convenient for riders.

The Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike also has a 6061 double butted aluminum aero frame with an internal cable and integrated headset. The double walled alloy wheels are 700Cx25C and give riders a high-speed experience throughout their ride. The equipped caliper brakes and front and read derailleurs to provide quick stopping power and control. Assembly requires tools but is a fairly simple process. Although, all riders are recommended to have their bikes safety checked at a local bike shop prior to riding their new bike.

Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

            The Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike has a durable steel frame and a rigid suspension. The bike has 21 speeds and a Shimano rear derailleur with EZ Fire shifters. It has flat styled handlebars and a sport riding seat. The bike uses alloy linear brakes on the front and rear of the bike which provide strong and controlled stopping power. The alloy wheels have high-quality rims with a great look. The alloy wheels, cranks, brakes, and other Shimano components give riders a high-performance ride. Along with all other Schwinn bikes, the Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Merax Finiss Road Bike Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Racing Bike

            The Merax Finiss Road Bike Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Racing Bicycle is lightweight and has a durable aluminum frame. The frame is a 6061-aluminum frame for smooth and quick riding. The Merax Finiss Road Bike has a Shimano shifter and Shimano derailleur for easy gear shifting. The rear shifting provides silent and smooth shifting on rough terrains and can help riders on climbs. An aluminum kickstand is included and can help to reduce the weight of the bike while sitting. The seat is comfortable and adjustable to the riders needs. The Merax Finiss Road Bike is delivered 85% assembled and requires basic steps and tools to complete the set-up process. It’s a great bike for long-distance riding and commutes.

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