2023’s Best Bike Travel Cases

Riding abroad can be an amazing thing for a cyclist. Different  weather, higher-quality roads, and little traffic are all wonderful.  As imagined, most  cyclists prefer to travel with their own bike rather than renting a bike while traveling. That, however, requires getting it there. A sturdy bike travel case or bag is a worthwhile investment whether you plan to travel across the country or just locally. Your bike will be kept secure, and you will have more reassurance than if you just stuff it into a random storage box and hope for the best.

Bike Box Vs. Bike Bag:

A lighter weight bike bag affects two things: how easy it is to carry and haul around, as well as how much of your baggage allowance it consumes. The difference is in the level of protection; a hard flight case-style box will withstand more knocks than a soft bag. Having said that, soft bike bags will usually protect your bike from the worst of the elements, and they are also less expensive than bike boxes.

There is a middle ground, which includes bags that have some more structural materials inside but maintain the lightweight nature of the bag. Other bike boxes may have clever built-in storage solutions. Some, for example, have built-in dropouts that allow you to stand your frame upright and in a tighter position.

How to Pack Your Bike Into a Bike Bag or Box:

Packing the bike into the bag or box can sometimes be more difficult than some may expect. If your useful riding companion has any special pieces of internal structure, the process may differ slightly, but the common procedure is as follows:

  • Remove your bike’s wheels.
  • Turn the handlebars to the side.
  • Remove the seat post or drop it down into the frame.
  • Remove the rear derailleur.

Richkasun Bike Travel Case:

            Starting off with a lower-budget option, the Richkasun is a great travel case for 27.5-inch to 29-inch folding bikes. The dimensions of the Richkasun bike travel case is 55.1 by 31.4-inches, with a height of 31.5-inches. The secondary carrying case is 15.7 by 7.4-inches. Loading bikes into this travel case is a fairly simple process. Mountain bikes require the front wheel, cushion, and handlebars to be removed, whereas 700c road bikes only require the removal of the front wheel. The travel case also features double oxford fabric and encrypted webbing, providing resistance to tears. There is also a high-quality, durable zipper and a firm metal buckle on the bag for further stability during transportation.

Evoc Bike Travel Bag:

Bike Travel Bag has a hybrid construction that combines the benefits of a hardshell case with the convenience of a soft bag and includes a bike stand, clip-on wheel 2.0, and frame pad. Intelligent strengthening components provide extra protection while maintaining a light weight for flying. This bike travel bag is designed to fit most Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill, 26/27.5/29-inch, Gravel, Road, and Triathlon bikes. The Evoc bike travel case has a 310-liter capacity. It also features two external, separate wheel compartments, carrying handles, a reinforced ford mount, and rolling wheels for convenience during travel. Evoc assures that their products are free of defects, and the bike travel bag is covered under the warranty for 24-months.

CamGo 20-Inch Folding Bike Bag:

            The CamGo 20-inch folding bike bag has some of the best reviews on AMazon, and is also found at one of the most reasonable prices. The bag is made of high-intensity nylon material, which is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. The CamGo 20-in folding bike bag is ideal for 14-inch to 20-inch folding bikes. The bag’s durability is promoted with strong webbing, and there is also a shoulder strap attached to assist with carrying the bag. The CamGo folding bike bag is great for storing your bike while traveling, but it can also be used as a blanket when completely unfolded!

CyclingDeal Bike Travel Hard Case Box:

            One of the higher priced options on the list is the CyclingDeal Bike Travel Hard Case Box. The CyclingDeal bike travel case utilizes a hard shell, large storage design that allows riders to transport their bikes anywhere they’d like, securely and conveniently. This bag makes packing a simple process and makes traveling a breeze!

This bike case is made of EVA material that has been heated to 200 degrees, has a surface thickness of 1cm, and a hardness (Hs) of up to 80. It has high-quality strength, as well as resistance to tears. The thickening sponge layer and hard shell case protects your bike, and it also has a modern, stylish design. There are numerous quick release buckles and straps accessible to help you with organizing your bike’s components and extra accessories.

Aophire Folding Bike Bag Travel Case:

The Aophire Folding Bike travel case is another highly-rated and affordable bike case on this list. A compartment on the inside of the bag separates the bike and front wheel to prevent scratches during transportation. The material is made from thick and durable 600D oxford fabric and 300g non-woven fabric.

The Aophire folding bike bag fits standard 26-inch bikes, and up to 27.5-inch bikes with the wheels and handlebars removed. Carrying by hand or shoulder is very convenient. The durable dual zippers wrap around to a 3/4 position, making it easier to load the bike into the travel bag. The bag also has an additional front zip pocket, for storing small bike tools, components, and accessories.

It is worth it to invest in a bike travel case and, more importantly, to understand how to properly pack your bike into the carrying case. No bike bag is completely resilient to accidents, but they do provide significantly more protection than a cardboard bike box, especially if the bike is worth more. If you’re thinking about making an investment in mountain bike cases, you may find it difficult to decide which one is best for you, and there’s a lot to consider.

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