Bell Super 3R Bike Helmet Review

Bell Super 3R Bike Helmet Review

There’s no getting around it; bike helmets reduce the risk of injury and death by a wide margin. Every year, cyclists are killed on the road and on the trail, and the vast majority of them aren’t wearing helmets.

Every cycling enthusiast knows that a good helmet is just as important as the bike itself. Luckily, helmets don’t have to be ugly or uncomfortable.

The Bell Super 3R is one of the most functional and reliable mountain bike helmets you can buy. And our Bell Super 3R bike helmet review below will tell you why.

It’s lightweight and looks clean and modern. Plus, it’s a convertible bike helmet. So you can get the protection of a full-face helmet when needed, but you can leave the visor up and chin guard off when ventilation is more important.

So is the Bell Super 3R the best bike helmet for you? Keep reading our bike helmet buying guide below to find out now. 

Bell Super 3R Uses

There are many types of bike helmets available, depending on your riding style. Helmets for road cyclists are shaped in a way to maximize aerodynamics and airflow, while BMX helmets are round and minimal, to allow for maximum movement.

Even among mountain bikers, there is a variety of helmet types. Typical trail helmets have extended protection that covers the back of the head, and the sides, including your ears.

But those who are riding downhill mountain bike courses need the protection of a full-face helmet since risks are much higher. But most downhill riders also ride regular trails, when a full-face helmet would be overkill.

That’s where the Bell Super 3R shines. You can wear it as a full-face helmet, protecting your face, chin, and eyes with the visor and chin guard when maximum protection is needed.

But if you’re riding casual trails, or climbing to the top of the course, you can open the visor and give your face some fresh air and sunshine. The chinstrap is also removable without the need for tools. Without the chin guard attached, this helmet can be used for any style of riding. 

Once ready to descend, just snap the chin guard back into place and you’re ready for anything. 

Though the Bell Super 3R cost is higher than your average bike helmet, you’re essentially getting two different helmets in one package. So it’s much more affordable than buying two separate helmets. 

Superior Protection

The Bell Super 3R is constructed with MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. MIPS is the new standard in mountain bike helmets. The padding in the helmet reduces rotational forces caused by impacts of various angles. 

The helmet utilizes Bell’s proprietary method of producing a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell. The process bonds the outer shell directly to the EPS foam liner for a sturdier, more protective helmet.

The padding also comes from X-Static. This means it’s quick-drying and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that normally cause helmets to stink. These helmets stay fresh, even on the hottest days.

Maximum Comfort

Bell Super 3R helmets are comfortable to wear all day long. The helmet is designed for maximum airflow. The overbrow ventilation system and 23 airports take air in from the front and allow it to travel over your head and down your neck, keeping you cool.

The excess ventilation also helps keep your goggles fog-free. 

The helmet also sports a floating fit system that makes it easy to adjust. It’s easy to rotate the rubber dial for a tighter, more secure fit or a looser, more relaxed fit. 

Another benefit of the Bell Super 3R is that it can be worn while wearing separate google, sunglasses, or prescription glasses. The helmet won’t get in the way of your chosen eyewear. Whether you leave the visor on or take it off, the Google Guide makes it comfortable to wear your chosen eyewear. 

With the chin bar attached, the helmet weighs 783 grams. Without the chin bar, it weighs 433 grams. This makes it a lighter option than most mountain bike helmets, perfect for long days on the trail.

Additional Features

The visor on the Bell Super 3R is long enough that you can effectively use it to keep our rain or sunlight. And it’s easily adjustable, so you can put it where you want and keep it there thanks to the built-in tension screw.

The helmet also features a detachable camera mount. No tape or zip ties are necessary to capture footage. And the breakaway design ensures it will break off during a crash to reduce further risk of injury.

The Bell Super 3R comes in three sizes, multiple colorways, and women’s sizes as well.

Bell Super 3R Review; Is It Right for You?

So is this the mountain bike helmet for you? 

The Bell Super 3R isn’t a fully downhill certified helmet. That means it doesn’t meet the highest level of protection required for the most hardcore riders.

However, if you aren’t competing in downhill events, or aren’t a professional rider, it’s probably not a big deal. This convertible mountain bike helmet still offers a ton of protection for the recreational rider.

For most people, the polycarbonate shell and MIPS padding technology make this lightweight helmet the perfect option.

If you want to get two helmets in one, to adjust your riding style depending on the conditions, the trail, and the day, then this affordable helmet is for you.

You could spend more money on a helmet, and you could spend less. But the Bell Super 3R helmet is the perfect middle ground. If you ride on a regular basis on standard trail systems with the occasional stint on downhill courses, then the convertibility of this helmet is all you need. 

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

Hopefully, our Bell Super 3R review helps you make the right decision on your next helmet. This helmet is perfect for the recreational mountain biker who needs a convertible helmet for different types of trails.

It offers great protection and maximum comfort, in a lightweight, easily adjustable package. However, those looking for fully certified, downhill, full face protection should check out the best mountain bike helmets here

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