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Kask Mojito Helmet Review

Kask Mojito Helmet Review

Helmets save lives, there’s no other way around it. In New York City alone, 97% of cyclists who die in a cycling accident are not wearing helmets. Helmets exist to keep you riding for many, many more years to come. The problem is that most helmets are ugly. With bright colors and bulky, round designs, most helmets …

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giro forway mips helmet review

Giro Foray Mips Helmet Review

Looking to spend more time outside, getting fresh air, sunshine, and exercise? Cycling is the perfect way to spend more time outdoors while having a blast. And the health benefits of regular cycling are undeniable, supporting a healthy body and mind.  But in order for cycling to be healthy, you need to stay safe while you peddle. …

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giro synthe mips review

Giro Synthe MIPS Review

If you’re looking for an outstanding road bike helmet, you need to check out our Giro Synthe MIPS review. In many parts of the country, bicycle commuting is seeing a huge increase. More and more people are choosing active forms of transportation when getting to and from work, and when running local errands. Thanks to bicycle-friendly …

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fox proframe helmet

Fox Proframe Helmet Review

Fox is one of the original mountain bike brands and produces some of the most reliable riding gear available. But are their helmets up to snuff? Should you consider Fox Proframe helmets for all your trail riding needs? Read our Fox Proframe helmet reviews down below to see if it’s right for you.  While mountain …

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Bell Super 3R Bike Helmet Review

Bell Super 3R Bike Helmet Review

There’s no getting around it; bike helmets reduce the risk of injury and death by a wide margin. Every year, cyclists are killed on the road and on the trail, and the vast majority of them aren’t wearing helmets. Every cycling enthusiast knows that a good helmet is just as important as the bike itself. Luckily, helmets …

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find the best bike helmets

Roads, Dirt, and Mountains: The Best Cycling Helmets for Every Kind of Cyclist

Over 2 billion people ride bikes regularly, according to the World Economic Forum. That’s a lot of cyclists! Biking is one of the fastest-growing modes of transportation worldwide.  For some, cycling is a challenge worthy of Olympic-level skill. For others, it’s a fun way to exercise outdoors.  Recently, economists have reported a “bicycle boom,” particularly among teens. …

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The Best Tailgate Pads: A Breakdown

Mountain biking has been progressively growing in popularity over the years. In fact, since its inception in the early 1970s, this extreme sport has flourished to over 9 million mountain bike enthusiasts in America alone. But this growth in popularity isn’t without its drawbacks. This is because many mounting alternatives to transport your bike(s) may damage your …

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The Best Road Bike Helmet – Updated for 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a recreational rider, safety is likely one of your top priorities.  While cycling is becoming increasingly popular for commuting and exercise, the number of injuries and fatalities is also rising. A study in 2015 found that of the cyclist fatalities, 54% of cyclists were not wearing helmets.  If you’re interested in …

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2023’s Best Bike Travel Cases

Riding abroad can be an amazing thing for a cyclist. Different  weather, higher-quality roads, and little traffic are all wonderful.  As imagined, most  cyclists prefer to travel with their own bike rather than renting a bike while traveling. That, however, requires getting it there. A sturdy bike travel case or bag is a worthwhile investment …

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