The Big Blue House Inn

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 I will never stay way out there by the airport or freeway again“…
-Business Traveler Review-
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Downtown Tucson’s Premiere Extended Stay Boutique Inn

Tucson, Arizona extended stay located only blocks from downtown Tucson and near the University of Arizona.
144 East University Boulevard Tucson, AZ
Phone: 520-891-1827
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Studio Apartments

We hesitate to call these accommodations “rooms” because the spacious studios with 12′ ceiling suites were built from scratch with extended stay in mind. Our beautiful suites are decorated in quality vintage furniture combined with all the modern amenities expected in an upscale boutique hotel. All have totally private bath.

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Fully Equipped Kitchens

All the suites are equipped with at least an expanded kitchenette that includes refrigerator, sink, microwave etc. Some have fully equipped kitchens suitable for cvooking meals.

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Location, Location…
Stay where you can walk everywhere!
We offer a comfortable, upscale studio apartment “perfectly located” on the corner of 6th Ave. and University Blvd. Parking is plentiful but you don’t need a car to explore and enjoy the best Tucson has to offer.

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Historic Fourth Avenue Shopping

Only two blocks away “The Cultural Center of Tucson”  On 4th Ave guests will discover Tucson’s best selection of locally owned and operated restaurants and shops. Spend an hour for lunch at one of the many great restaurants or spend the entire day exploring the fun and funky shops.

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Upscale furnishings

View any studio suite and it is clear The Big Blue House is designed to provide maximum comfort for our extended stay guests. The pictures are real.

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Private Entrances

No need to enter a common area. You have your own apartment. Totally private coming and going… and most rooms have access to the “worlds greatest porch”

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Free WiFi Free NetFlix

Super fast Wifi  The suites are made more comfortable for weekly rental with Free NetFlix, Hulu, Youtube and much more.

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Security & Safety

Although The West University District is a very safe walkable neighborhood safe for students and visitiors alike… we still video monitor the property 24 hrs. The Inn is equipped with commercial sprinklers & fire and alarm system. Ozone Air Purifiers in every room. We specialize in an allergen-free environment. Hardwood floors and only washable rugs make for less allergens... Ozone air purifiers sanitize all exposed surfaces with oxygenated air.Ozone Air Purifiers in every room. We specialize in an allergen-free environment. Hardwood floors and only washable rugs make for less allergens... Ozone air purifiers sanitize all exposed surfaces with oxygenated air.Ozone Air Purifiers in every room.  We specialize in an allergen-free environment. Hardwood floors and only washable rugs make for less allergens... Ozone air purifiers sanitize all exposed surfaces with oxygenated air.24 hour security Park your car directly in front of your room directly under our video surveillance & security system.

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Housekeeping & Laundry Facilities Iron, Ironing board

Of course we include regular housekeeping when you stay by the week.We also offer FREE laundry facilities for the convienience of our guests.

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Free Bottled Water

In Arizona bottled water is almost a necessity to stay hydrated. Every time you walk down the street or go for a simple drive across town, a bottle of water is recommended.. By providing our guests with free unlimited Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) filtered water we prevent thousands of plastic bottles from reaching landfills


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